Tip 2. Monotypes are a good place to start.


Sharon’s monotype ready for printing
Photo by Haydn Radford

Where to start with printmaking?  The best way to start is to try some monoprints, or strictly speaking, monotypes. These are unique prints that are made by wiping ink off, or painting ink onto, a plate, a piece of glass or any other shiny surface, and then printing the result onto paper. You can do this without a press, and you don’t need expensive paper. It’s an experimental method, which is both exciting and relaxing, because if the print doesn’t work, you can just roll ink over your plate and start again – no wasting of plates or hours of effort.  And you can work over the top of your print with pastels or paints – Degas used this method to develop both his etchings and his pastels.

If you’d like some help with this type of printmaking, I’m running a workshop on Saturday March 15 at the Hahndorf Academy from 10am to 4pm. Contact me on this blog if you’d like more details.


Sharon Pippos at work on a monotype
Photo by Haydn Radford


Monotype by Judith Carletti

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