Tip 9: Rise to every challenge!

Granny, what great big EYES you have!

Granny, what great big EYES you have!

I am never happy about producing work to fit a theme unless it’s a theme I’ve thought of myself, but in the end it always forces me to come up with something new that jerks me out of my complacent little box.  ‘Granny Spider’ evolved out of the Bittondi Science Week and SALA exhibition, ‘Catalyst‘, which opened last week at Mrs. Harris’ Shop.  I had to produce something that reflected on how Science has changed the way we look at the world.  My first thought was ‘microscopes’, and I combined photopolymer etching with an extraordinary photo I found on the internet, of  the ‘sporangia (spore cases) of slime mould’, taken by Dr. Dalibor Matysek. This photo is just one of many by Dr. Dalibor that have won prizes, so I was careful to ask his permission to use it.

1-Hansel and Gretel v2

Hansel and Gretel under the Microscope

‘Granny’ is also a photopolymer etching, but this time I made a drawing from a magnified image of a jumping spider – which in reality is small enough to hide inside a small flower.  Both prints were hand coloured afterwards.

I will be running a photopolymer etching workshop at Bittondi Printmakers’ Association in November 2014. To sign up, go to Printmaking Classes

I was fairly pleased with my ideas, but when I saw the whole exhibition I was stunned at the variety of interpretations and the ingenuity of the applied techniques. You can get a taster of some of the other artists from this article.

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