Tip 13: Go global!

This is the post  I put up on the website Print Day in May, after three of us decided to join the annual global online print festival. You can see the whole blog that everyone all over the world contributed to here.

“Well it’s actually the day after Print Day here in Adelaide, but we’d said we would devote the whole weekend to Print Day so I took Saturday off and rolled up today to do my global duty. I was joined by Wendy Rushby and Mei Sheong Wong, still jetlagged after a residency in Hawaii, but raring to contribute to our little show and tell.

I started experimenting with monotypes, using water washup inks.  I decided not to use a press, determined to see what I could produce with a piece of glass, a pair of rollers and thin litho paper. I had scanned Peter Drew’s famous print and printed it out on a reduced scale, ready to collage into my composition. First I mixed some Akua brown with Createx violet, and thought I’d got a reasonable effect.


The resulting print wasn’t so great, so after a few more experiments I found that a larger proportion of Akua in the mix made a stronger print, while using Createx black on the darker dog in a second print gave a more three dimensional effect. Here’s the final print.

IMG_6963 (2)

You’ll notice the dogs have evolved a bit since the first attempt – they look more satisfyingly bedraggled and mutt-like. Still a way to go – this might turn into a woodcut. Thanks to Peter Drew for the inspiration!

Meanwhile, Wendy Rushby was printing multiple solarplates. These are just two beautiful examples:

IMG_6954 (3)   IMG_6952

And Mei Sheong Wong put her laser etched MDF block though the press without inking it – I’m not sure which is more beautiful, the wood block or the wood stained paper!

IMG_6960 (2)   IMG_6961 (2)

This is a glimpse of our WORKING studio, plenty of room to spread yourself and relax with a cup of tea afterwards!”

Wendy Rushby

Wendy Rushby

Julia Wakefield

Julia Wakefield

Wendy and Mei Sheong Wong

Wendy and Mei Sheong Wong

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