Print Exchange News

The latest news is that in conjunction with Kate Wake, director of the Hahndorf Academy, I am launching an international print exchange which will be exhibited at the Hahndorf Academy during the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2015.

These are the details:

WINGED MESSENGERS International Print Exchange:

Call for Participants from Julia Wakefield and Kate Wake, Director of the Hahndorf Academy, South Australia

Deadline for Registration of Interest: 

Extended to November 7th 2014


to be sent by email to

Deadline for Delivery:  January 16th 2015    

No exceptions will be made for this deadline.

Cost for All Participants: $AUD30.00

This cost will cover the postage, cost of exhibiting and any publicity costs incurred. Overseas printmakers are strongly encouraged to participate, so there is no extra cost for overseas applicants.

You are invited to participate in an international print exchange, which will be exhibited in the Upstairs Gallery at the Hahndorf Academy, in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, during the 2015 Adelaide Festival fringe from February 27 to March 29.


Our exchange is about the messages of hope that birds often seem to symbolise for us in our darkest moments. Birds such as crows can also signify foreboding, but that is not a message that ‘winged messengers’ seeks to convey.  We welcome other interpretations of this theme, such as angels and other messengers from the gods that are found in nearly every religion on the planet.

All enquiries: contact Julia Wakefield at or 0433975590

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