Printmaking classes



Sweet doggy dreams, hand coloured linocut by Julia Wakefield

Linocuts are an easy introduction to printmaking

I’m currently running some very reasonably priced introductions to linocuts at Norton Summit and Pepper Street Arts Centre. Go to the sister blog, Touchpaper Drawing Tips, for more info about this.

Printmaking workshops at the Hahndorf Academy

In 2017 I ran a series of workshops on the first Sunday of each month  from 2 – 4.30 pm, focusing on simple printmaking techniques as well as approaches to drawing in different media.

In the August workshop (August 6) we were working with simple collagraphs.

Here are some examples of collagraphs that were made at the end of the Hahndorf Academy workshops in June 2014.  There are more pictures in Tip 8.

Blue Horse, relief collagraph by Lynette  Frantz

Blue Horse, relief collagraph by Lynette

Leaves on stripes, relief collagraph by Mignon

Leaves on stripes, relief collagraph by Mignon

Monoprints, or monotypes, are a great way to get ideas going, before you need to think about producing an edition of identical prints. We experimented with monoprints in the September workshop (September 3).



Monoprint by Gail

Photopolymer etching is not as difficult as traditional etching, and you can actually use this method to produce prints that look like linocuts or wood engravings.  You can get wonderful results almost instantly, if you work directly onto transparent material – or you can photocopy a drawing onto transparency film. You can read more about this method in Tip 15. I’m running a workshop on this relief technique at Bittondi Printmakers’ Association‘s studio in Aberfoyle Park on April 7, with a follow up workshop on the photopolymer etching process on April 22.  For more details go to the Bittondi Website.


‘A Rare Pair’, hand coloured relief solarplate by Julia Wakefield

For more information about printmaking workshops, please contact me using this form:

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